Who are we?

1340Art started with an international art and culture magazine (privately owned). Since its founding, 1340Art Magazine covers mainly contemporary art. It has a readership of over 120,000 and national and international distribution. The magazine includes features on art and artists, highlighting notable new exhibitions around the world and showcasing artwork.

As a team, we at 1340ART are ever evolving, and are always on the lookout for talented upcoming artists. We are passionate about providing these artists with a platform to obtain some exposure for their work, and in view of this, we have developed some exciting features such as our Instagram, Blog, YouTube Channel, and 1340Gallery features, where we showcase these extraordinary pieces of artwork.

Through our print editions and online presence we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences and processes.

Warning: The ONLY way one of our official curators would contact you for 1340ART or on behalf of 1340ART Magazine would be on Instagram or direct mail. So for anyone else contacting you via social media networks claiming to work for 1340ART – DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM! Be careful, stay safe and don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you’re getting trolled by an imposter.


Why 1340Gallery?

1340Gallery was born out of frustration. With the1340art magazine, we want to give upcoming artist around the world a platform to express themselves and to show their work to a broader audience. During this process, we come across many, very talented artists. Unfortunately selling art on a larger scale or even globally, can be difficult for any upcoming artist. “No Unsolicited Submissions” is a response many artists receive when they reach out to an art gallery or museum, to introduce their work. 1340Gallery is here to make a change in this area. We want to make the pieces of art of the best, most talented artists, available for the public, all over the world.

1340Gallery, therefore, provides a platform for artists to sell works in a variety of mediums, including: painting, collage, photography, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, limited edition prints, installation, and open edition prints.


Who can sell their work on 1340Gallery?

1340Gallery supports the work of all emerging artists. However, at this point, registration is on an invitation basis only. Later, our platform will be open for all artists above 18 years of age.

We review applications on a weekly basis and if accepted, you will be contacted by a member of the team following our next Application Review. Registration on invite is free of charge. If accepted for presentation, you will be required to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions of presentation, before your profile is made live online, or before we can start selling your work.



Even though 1340Gallery will eventually be open to artists all over the world, we want to maintain a certain standard of work. Our team of curators will evaluate every artist’s work individually. Only works accepted by our team of curators will be featured on our platform.


How do I start selling my artwork on 1340Gallery?

As stated earlier, 1340gallery is currently on an invitation basis only. If you are invited, please use our form to upload your artwork. In addition, please take some time to fill in your profile with information about yourself, such as where you studied, your exhibition history, and an artist’s statement. This kind of information can increase your chances of selling work and being noticed by our curators.


No Commission

If you sell an original artwork, 1340Gallery won’t take any commission on the final sale price. We believe that the artist has the right to keep all profits from their work.

1340Gallery is a platform designed specifically to support artists, by giving them 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their artwork.



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