For Artists

1340Gallery represents artists from all over the world and supports the work of all emerging artists. However, at this point, registration is on an invitation basis only. Later, our platform will be open for all artists above 18 years of age. Our team of curators will evaluate every artist’s work individually. Only works accepted by our team of curators will be featured on our platform. We are a selective gallery; there is no charge to have a portfolio on the website (we don’t even take a commission on sales) and you determine the selling price.


To be considered:

1) All work must be original and not copied.
2) You must be allowed to present your work with us.
3) Have a look at the work on 1340Gallery that has already been accepted. This will give you an idea of our criteria.
4) We are looking for high quality work in all disciplines and mediums.
5) Applications must include an Artists Statement. (Information that will contextualize the work or otherwise contribute to an interpretation and appreciation of it)
6) Artists are to set the selling price of each piece they intend to sell, and this price is to include shipping and packaging costs. (It is recommended that you check the specifications regarding shipping and packaging before deciding on a price, in order to take these costs into consideration. We want for you to still fetch a healthy profit from your sale.) You will be requested to submit a price with each artwork you add to your portfolio with us.


We review applications on a weekly basis and if your work has been selected you will be contacted by a member of the team following our next Application Review. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, please understand that it is not possible for the gallery to critique work on an individual basis.


Download the application form, fill in your details then email to info(@) attaching 4 high resolution images of work you currently have available for sale.


1340Gallery invites all emerging artists who do not have online representation to apply, and even if you do, and are still allowed to showcase and sell your work with us, you’re welcome to apply. You do not need any previous gallery experience. In fact, we are excited to offer artists their first gallery exposure. It is our goal to provide promising emerging artists a platform on which to build their art careers.


Choosing us to help present your work means the emerging artist can now start selling art on a larger scale, even globally, which can usually prove difficult for any upcoming artist. “No Unsolicited Submissions” is a response many artists receive when they reach out to an art gallery or museum, to introduce their work. What makes 1340Gallery different, is that we’re is here to make these incredible pieces of artwork available for sale to the public, all over the world, free of charge.


1340Gallery, therefore, invites artists to sell works in a variety of mediums, including: painting, collage, photography, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, limited edition prints, installation, and open edition prints. We accept Limited Edition works, but each copy should be signed and numbered in a location that will be visible once the piece is matted and framed.


Once your art is sold, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale. We will ask you to package the work ready for shipping (giving specific instructions in the email), and you will need to arrange to have it shipped, given the purchaser’s details. That is all you have to do! (It is important to follow packaging instructions carefully and ensure your art is correctly packaged in order to avoid damage which could result in the return of the artwork, should it arrive at the purchaser/collector damaged in any way.) We will do an EFT into your bank account for the sale of your artwork. We offer a seven-day money back guarantee.


All art should be signed. It is important in identifying you as the creator. In addition, many collectors prefer to purchase signed artwork. You retain all the rights to your art, even after it is sold.


If you exhibit my work at 1340Gallery, you may still seek to sell your art through other galleries, however, should a piece of art be sold anywhere other than through 1340Gallery, you will need to notify us by email to gallery(@) and remove it from your portfolio with us, within 3 days of it being sold.

Excellent service

Excellent service

We at 1340Art are committed to delivering the highest standards of service possible, both to the artists we represent, as well as the customers who purchase through us. Because of this, we offer the best after sales service and advice possible, with delivery worldwide. Our objective is to ensure our clients are satisfied with both their purchase, and the quality of their experience during the process.

Exceptional artwork

Exceptional artwork

Purchasing through the 1340Gallery means you are acquiring a piece of artwork from collections that have been carefully selected for their superior quality. Our clients are able to select from a large variety of art provided by incredibly talented artists from around the world. Despite the remarkably high standard of artwork represented, the pieces are offered at a range of prices to suit any budget.

Professionally curated

Professionally curated

1340Gallery is a juried art gallery; and as such, we do not accept every artist that would like to exhibit the art they have for sale. We require artists to first submit samples of their work for consideration to our panel of art professionals. They then select each artist and every piece of artwork based not only on merit, but also to demonstrate a diverse collection of styles, skills and techniques; all while maintaining the quality of the original art being exhibited.