Since its establishment in 2017, 1340Foundation has served as a catalyst for the art community on a global scale.

What we do

1340Foundation is an organization focused on emerging art, predicated on the Exhibition, and Production and Distribution of Art. We are thus dedicated to the development and support of emerging artists whose work is advancing from their previous endeavors, and we provide the platforms to enable exposure in an international forum.

Through our endeavors and activities, we aim to facilitate the initiating of cultural communities by a multi-faceted promotion of young, emerging, and established artists, provisions of spaces and resources conducive to arts production and exhibition, and educational and public programs.

Exhibit Art

The foundation supports artists by exhibiting works of some of the most dynamic and talented international artists. We want to give upcoming artists around the world a platform to express themselves and to show their work to a broader audience.

Support local art scene

The foundation also supports the local art scene and has made the work of local artists internationally accessible, and they have collaborated with important art institutions.

Invest in the future

1340gallery investment fund aims to benefit both art enthusiasts and collectors by providing long-term sustainability for the art scene and promotion thereof.

Art Publication

Each quarterly edition of the 1340Art Magazine features several emerging artists from around the world, showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences and processes. Some of these artists include Luke Desmone, Miriam Escofet, Sandy Frank, Oli Epp, June Ann D’Angelo, Lorenzo Sampaolesi, and many others.

Our platforms

1340Gallery, 1340 Art Magazine, 1340Gallery YouTube Channel, Blog and Instagram opportunities.

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