• Size: H: 30 cm W: 4 cm D: 40 cm
  • Subject: Portrait
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Digital

$ 50.00

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About the artist:

Bio: I am Colombian, born to the south. Amateur photographer for several years. Dedicated to the search of new visions and experimentation of visual techniques. I like to work in processes that highlight the human and sensitive value in social and personal scenes. My path in this discipline is clearly empirical, with mostly self-taught learning as part of a process of searching for photographic identity in relation to my vision of the world with emotions and the different realities in which we develop. I have participated in formations and enriching experiences with workshops at local and national level with copies of the medium that are of great national and international renown; fact, that has fed my training in this discipline and that has also aroused great curiosities that have contributed to creations in relation to personal and social projects. My work has been exhibited locally in art galleries as part of a curatorial process within cultural frameworks and I recently counted on the international exhibition of work in 2018. I am a co-founder of the "Fotografas Latinoamericanas" Foundation, where emerging photographic work is promoted in the field of photography and also referencing those that have an important career and serve as inspiration for us and all those who follow us. Project that is currently growing and is a pioneer as part of a collaborative process in the Latin proposal.