Water represent obstacles from which things emerge or that characters must journay across to reach a destination, and mysterious places handling difficult life sceneries. A simmering confrontation is typically attributed to conflicting sovereignity claims and emerging power imbalance. Those issues not only prolong the struggle but also enlarge the meaning of conflict, which involves nothing less than the future.
Water is also a symbol of power and symbolize the spiritual cleansing. The bridge acts as a potential for realizing a connection and a virtual integration. It is a robust approach to resolving conflicts, and gives indication of strength of connection necessary to make changes in our lives, a Symbol of rising above one’s circumstances, and crossing over to a new beginning and new place in life. The light is the pathway and a link between the Spiritual realm above with the realm of matters below., it’s signified the end of the voyage and a return to calmness and peace. The passing of invisible light through water particles is a manifest ‘appearance’ of invisible deity in the physical realm. And, just as turbulent storm are necessary for nature to cleanse and feed the Earth, so too are emotional storms necessary in our lives in order to cleanse away our burdens and feed our souls. hhh

  • Size: H: 36 inch W: 48 inch D: 2 inch
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Oil

$ 5,600.00

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About the artist:

Bio: helga Hohn-Heiberg studied theoretical and applied painting, graphics and sculptures in Germany as well as philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, art science and art history. She has had over 80 solo shows and has her private collections in 13 countries . She has done book illustrations and since 1969 has been constantly in news papers and art journals. She has been a member of the selection Committee of the World Bank, Washington, DC. . She has received numerous awards throughout her life.