Closing my eyes

when I close my eyes everything becomes black and white. but everything around me is in color. That would be great when I closing my eyes everything would remain colored

  • Size: H: 100 cm W: 80 cm D: 1 cm
  • Subject: Portrait
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Acrylic

$ 1,560.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Alexandra Knabengoff was born in Smolensk, Russia. At an early age with their parents moved to Moscow. Finished MARHI. She worked as an interior designer, designer of clothes and prints for shoes of her brands. Engaged in the development of logos for private companies. She participated in the creation and design of several quests in Moscow for "Claustrophobia". Professional skills improved on numerous workshops. For a long time, I drew for myself what I gave to my friends and acquaintances. Having lost interest in the work of an interior designer because of the boring designs that most customers choose, they plunged completely into art. Free artist. Designer own line of lamps and interior decoration items. ​ A strong influence on the views of Alexandra as an artist had a family breakdown at an early age. Masters such as Salvador Dali, Freeda Cala and Hans Giger greatly influenced Alexandra's work. She believes that the works should be a fantasy of the artist, the ability to show their vision of some kind of plot lines or images. And the nature can be photographed on the phone and printed at the photo studio. She draws mostly surrealism mixed with abstract art, futurism, impressionism. Not afraid to try yourself in different new directions. Loves a lot of color. Laying their unusual meaning in the vision of various images and relationships between people, their love and loneliness, their strangeness and unusualness in ordinary details. ​ -"Probably still I am disturbed by memories from the past. To whom to say thank you - to Freud or Jung, but, as the great ones say - “we all come from childhood”. How and what happened in my life - I do not undertake to evaluate. There was a lot of everything. And bad and good. At what point did my merger with painting take place? I cannot even say. I know that I never even thought of drawing something global. But, always in school, boring for me, I used a pencil in a notebook or notebook. Some vague doodles or parts of the face ... Some kind of revelation came after visiting the museum of paleontology. Bones, articulations ... I even once thought that medicine could be mine? ... I liked to restore the shape of a bone on paper, some details of the skeleton .... After the birth of my daughter, I was aggravated by the desire to carry something on paper. In the form of spots, lines ... Then came the desire to have canvases and tassels. Simply - to possess. Initially it was scary just to look at the canvas. Present a touch. Not only that - to dirty it with your own hands. But, and wanted to ... at first just to stroke his hand. Then - with a dry brush ... Then the determination came - to take the paint on the brush and make the first stroke. The first pictures, of course, were like a revelation, like a splash of everything that accumulated inside me. I didn’t even admit to myself how much money was accumulated inside me and it wasn’t spilled out. Until now, painting, for me, as a diary, which I have never had. In the pictures I try to combine the incompatible. And what was and was experienced by me personally, and what I received from the outside. Having received no classical education in painting, I remain free from canons, rules and prohibitions. I invent myself in the flow of my thoughts and emotions. It must be very ambitious. But this is my style and my vision. I would like to present a couple of my paintings. Ambiguous, not quite clear at first glance. Take a closer look. Maybe you will become more understandable. Once I wanted to make a sketch again. Just a sketch. Brush drove my hand across the canvas. Giving birth to the skeleton of the chest. Yeah, I said to myself, as always - the bones. But something inside me demanded - no! Not just bones! This is a vessel ... .. a vessel of essence. Crystal, fragile, like all our essence. Breaking, crushing, fragile. The hand drew, and the brain demanded - but all is not so! Remember! Every spring life again arises on the windowsill of the cut skeletons from flowers for the winter !!!! So is our essence ... Again and again, like a phoenix from the ashes and skeletons is reborn to overcome new and new challenges. And a meadow of flowers bloomed on the bones. Life-affirming essence of all living things. The transparent texture of the skeleton, as if flying through the darkness of life, and life-affirming waves of color-colors. What could be more beautiful? And even bright saturated flowers on cemetery graves - is this not a triumph of life? Probably some such thoughts wandered in my soul while the hand created this picture."