Dried Leaves

This image depicts the beautiful shapes, shadows, and patterns that appear when one endeavors in the study of dried leaves!

  • Size: H: 24 inch W: 18 inch D: 0 inch
  • Subject: Nature
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Digital

$ 175.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Throughout my life I have always loved art! I was born with a joint disease called Arthrogryposis, which has caused me to spend most of my childhood in and out of hospitals, but through it all my art has always been what has kept me going. Although, my disease is thankfully not progressive, it has caused many obstacles to work around in my life, including creating art. I am missing one joint in each of my fingers, have a dislocated elbow in my right arm, and during my teenage years was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, four bulging discs, and Arthritis, which unfortunately will only get worse as I age; I'm not yet 20. Like many young artists, I love to experiment with several different types of mediums, however I found a love I cannot deny in photography. Photography for me has been a godsend; even during some of my most pain-ridden days I can still create art with my photos and still do what I love. Throughout all my work, but especially my photography, I am obsessed with conveying different symbolic meanings. I find with my art, I am one of two extremes, either outlandish abstract fantasy, or straightforward conventional pieces. I'm still trying to figure out what lead me in this direction, but for now I am satisfied with this conclusion: I live in two different worlds. I either live in my head, where I create an imaginary world all my own, or when I finally find the strength to crawl out from that made-up realm, I exist in the real world, often overwhelmed with reality. Living in two conflicting worlds, my art is the bridge that keeps them connected. I believe with everything I have personally been through, my artwork is what has kept me tethered to reality, but still floating in the winds of my dreams.