eames case study house

outdoor sitting area at the front of the house (the back)

  • Size: H: 24 inch W: 36 inch D: 0 inch
  • Subject: Still Life
  • Style: Modern
  • Medium: Digital

$ 700.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Rachel Yas is from Chicago, IL, currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Her background is in ceramic sculpture and architecture. In Chicago and Los Angeles combined she practiced architecture professionally (construction, design, business) for about 15 years; her last job being at a luxury hospitality firm named Pierre-Yves Rochon (PYR). At PYR, Rachel lead all marketing and business matters for their three offices - Paris, Chicago and Shanghai. However, wanting to step away from the corporate world, she left the industry and returned to the artist community full time. Heavily influenced by her design background, Rachel’s fine art tends to be naive in nature, creating simple, distorted buildings and/or city-like environments or “any-scapes,” found object art and installations. Recently, she returned to the architecture world by making a conscious effort to seriously focus on solely architectural photography; a portfolio that has great reach. She worked in Toronto with a small firm as a professional architectural photographer and learned a tremendous amount but wanted to have even more freedom; since then she has been freelancing architectural photography, writing and consulting. Beyond her artwork, Rachel has curated an international gallery show in Toronto, is working with two local LA clothing brands, which includes commissioned clothing art pieces and is an art, antique and collectibles dealer. But most importantly she is constantly creating art - in any medium. She has lived life and come full circle combining architecture and art, which produces a natural, alternative and incite full perspective in her photos and other works. Rachel attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt). Her #1 belief is ... you TRULY learn from new experiences - it is the only way to grow as a person.