Embrace brings up images of loving joy, in receiving something that makes us happy or NOW if its filled with uncertainty. It reflects on emotion or idea of emotion rather than represent the natural world in realism. It’s the feeling of oneness and at the same time the value of the question to the purpose of life. Changes can happen quickly at anytime. Acknowledging changes as it happen when it unfolds and approaching and Embracing the situation help to deal with to move forward. By expressing my personal dream and vision throughout color, abstract forms and composition, I created and simplified understanding of the real anxieties of that moment and would like to encourage self-discovery and emotional growth by accepting abstract influences through its symbolism. hhh

  • Size: H: 48 inch W: 36 inch D: 2 inch
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Oil

$ 5,300.00

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About the artist:

Bio: helga Hohn-Heiberg studied theoretical and applied painting, graphics and sculptures in Germany as well as philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, art science and art history. She has had over 80 solo shows and has her private collections in 13 countries . She has done book illustrations and since 1969 has been constantly in news papers and art journals. She has been a member of the selection Committee of the World Bank, Washington, DC. . She has received numerous awards throughout her life.