“Fluid Bows” 2018

Here the presentation of fluid colors, which flows over a bar. Intense and unusual colors as well as the uplifting in the middle achieve a new perspective view.

Printed on Canvas (with signature, number and certification)

  • Size: H: 120 cm W: 80 cm D: 3 cm
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Digital

$ 280.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Keep Magic - Tony Wanner I was born in the north of Munich in 1967, grew up in Saudi Arabia and returned to Germany before school. Since then I lived and worked in Munich. In 1983, I graduated from secondary school (final exam art) and began a technical apprenticeship. Here I was able to deepen the school-learned, technical drawing. I used to do art as a hobby and later in my working life as a compensation in life balance. I mainly made drawings with pencils, crayons and watercolors. Later, I discovered the painting in color on canvas and began to paint my first oil and acrylic paintings, later with digital media. I was fascinated by the combination of art and technology, to use oil and acrylic painting in digital form in the same way. Because of the possibility of this kind of painting, which were much larger and more complex, I have devoted myself to the digital painting. I introduced my pictures to my friends and family, who urged me to show them in public. I created a website and published my pictures parallel on an art portal. Since 2018, I started to show my art online. My pictures were certified in 2019 from Akoun / Artmajeur under my pseudonym Keep Magic. In my works, I try to create and sustain magic. The areas that interest me in painting are abstract techniques with intense colors, new shapes and structures, unusual perspectives, colorful landscapes and the poetry of artistic expression.