Golden Decay

A contemporary urban painting that depicts the contrast of nature against urbanisation. The flowers decay, colour bleeds, paint peels, and elements pull against each other in a visual abstract illustration of the biological nature of existence.

Mixed Media on Canvas: Oil, Gold Leaf, Gauze, Silk Thread and Resin.

  • Size: H: 120 cm W: 100 cm D: 4 cm
  • Subject: Nature
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Other

$ 2.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Esposito is a contemporary British Artist from Brighton. Her works are modern and evocative; sometimes paintings, other times fashion, often sculpture and occasionally wall art.   She paints, sculpts and manipulates the surface of her canvasses using not only brushes but screws, credit cards and other interesting implements. Her more recent works are cut in to and sewn, and cleverly unite traditional and unexpected media by combining oils, acrylics and inks with materials such as alcohol, feather, thread, flowers, spray paint, gauze, collage and coffee. The work is unique and wide ranging and touches upon themes such as human connection, identity, femininity, the natural world, health, politics, spirituality, and the urban environment.   ART HABENS Magazine   “Multidisciplinary is a crucial feature of the work that reveals an incessant search of an organic, almost intimate symbiosis between traditional techniques and unconventional materials. Esposito’s hybrid approach is intrinsically connected to the chance of creating an area of intellectual interplay with the viewers, who are urged to evolve from the condition of a merely passive audience”, Dario Rutigliano Curator & Editor.   In 2010 Esposito was taken on by renowned London gallery Debut Contemporary. Since that time her work has featured in a host of publications including The Grove Resident, Stylist, Absolute, Brighton Creatives and ART HABENS Magazine. She has exhibited widely and has been selected to take part in some of the best cutting edge art exhibitions and fairs that London has to offer. She has been shortlisted for numerous art prizes and has had solo showcases at the Kleinwort Benson HQ's and the Saatchi and Saatchi private pub in London, as well as a full solo show in Brighton. Her work has sold in to collections both online and via galleries, including sales via Saatchi ART. She continues to work to private commission on canvas artworks, high end wall murals and bespoke fashion pieces.   In addition to being both an Artist & Designer Esposito is also a qualified teacher. She was previously a member of the Audi Design Foundations' 'New Talent Group', now the James Dyson Foundations' 'Innovation Group’ consisting of a small number of Designers and educators displaying exceptional talent in terms of both teaching ability and subject knowledge. In 2007 she developed a teaching resource for schools in association with Wayne Hemmingway of 'Hemmingway Design'; later working for Dyson. She has written several published educational articles and was a contributing author for the GCSE 'Product Design Workbook' published by CPG books.