Green Moon Nº.1

Mixed Media

  • Size: H: 12 inch W: 12 inch D: 1 inch
  • Subject: Nature
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Acrylic

$ 250.00

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About the artist:

Bio: As a colorblind artist, Stacey works hard to develop paintings that speak about the wonder that exists inside the world and out. "Part of my process before I begin a painting is to view the subject as an image desaturated of color, as though viewing it on an old black & white television. I then begin to study the textures and look for patterns and motifs that work together." He enjoys challenging himself to work within a limited color pallet playing with different color combinations, while focusing on their warm/cool relationships or their contrasting values. His goal is to use texture and value to create a gestalt, utilizing a color pallet that is minimal or perhaps unconventional. When utilized on representational pieces this can provide the viewer with a fresh but unusual perspective on a familiar theme.