“I Had That Dream Again Last Night”

Cut paper on acid-free board. Framed

  • Size: H: 23 inch W: 19 inch D: 1 inch
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Other

$ 1,200.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Nan Brall was born in 1950 in New York City. Its abundance of world-renowned museums and galleries was an early influence on her engagement in the art world. This accessibility became a natural foray into the study of photography, allowing Nan to viscerally connect with the city’s creative life. After a move to New England in 1985, Nan was fortunate to be enrolled at the Silvermine School of Art when they initiated their first classes in steel sculpting. It was here that she began, for several years, a studied examination of weight, form, and construction. Sometime later a medical diagnosis, which covered almost a decade, would demand a different art trajectory. Collage became a new found medium, with the fluidity of paper allowing for the continuing exploration into design without the confines of weight. Having recently moved to Sarasota, Florida, Nan has become more involved with its burgeoning art scene. In 2018, Nan was chosen to have a solo show at the Beatrice Friedman’s Symphony Center’s Harmony Gallery, as well as her work being selected to be part of Florida’s Finest 2018 exhibition. Her collage entitled, “Standing Firm,” was recently published in 1340 ART Magazine 2018//Q3.