“I Was a Teenage Internet Junkie”

The drawing’s motive was to portray the fact that most people in the world are addicted to the internet. I of course like to play around with role reversal, and did a switcharoo. Where the computer/tv will no longer be watched, instead you’re the one that’s going to be watched. The computer’s head/tv is now attached to the human body, and the dismembered head is hooked up to wires and plugs in an outline that’s connected to the back of the human’s head. With the neck spreading onto the table, become one entity of technology. The other things in the background are random things that match up with the mood of the drawing. I.e. an anthropomorphic papaya with a chainsaw for a hand, a mouth door, a tentacle tongue with eyes, a creepy painting on the wall, and a shadowy figure with eyes.

  • Size: H: 10 inch W: 7 inch D: 7x10 inch
  • Subject: Portrait
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Other

$ 50.00

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About the artist:

Bio: There's a lot of things I could say about myself that would make me sound like any ordinary person who knows how to draw, but I'm the type of guy that let's his art speak for itself. I'm a realist, surrealist, and cartoonist artist that likes to portray what goes in my life into my art. Whether its something good or bad, the places I've been, the people i know, things that will or might happen to me, etc. Although, I believe the surreal side me is most dominant because of the ideals i portray whether it's subtle, hidden or in your face within the picture. Like if the movie "Inception" was real, the surreal side of my art would make sense, and you can quote me on that.