“Intersezioni Vineyard Mood”

A composition of modular stackable vases.
Porcelain stoneware – clay.

  • Size: H: 28 cm W: 55 cm D: 35 cm
  • Subject: Still Life
  • Style: Other
  • Medium: Clay

$ 350.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Versatile, eclectic, empathic, like each of her creations. Her pencil is the common thread between ideas and ceramics. In 2016 Cristina created her first collection of objects and the brand Mud is Mood. In less than two years the great opportunity comes: the participation at the Milano Design Week 2018 with her Intersezioni. Intersezioni combines design, art and craft. The heart of the collection is a modular, customizable and disassemble candlestick, which can be transformed into another object at any time by playing with shapes and colours. Cristina objects find origin and inspiration in the land, this primordial formless cluster that slowly comes to life and becomes Creative Matter, which in turn creates emotions and influences the mood of people who come in contact with it.