Many Faces 46

Digital photograph, digital drawing inlay

  • Size: H: 18 cm W: 12 cm D: 0 cm
  • Subject: Nature
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Digital

$ 300.00

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About the artist:

Bio: ________ As an artist, I am inspired by the human experience, and am driven by the relationship between people and the space they live and move in. Within these experiences and through photography, I am often taken aback by the power of nostalgia. The act of looking through a lens creates a framework for a specific space and its subject matter and provides a platform for that moment to exist on its own. Nostalgia is sweet and comfortable, it is safe, yet vulnerable. It is a feeling and it is a place. It is in the past, but it is not gone. Nostalgia is young always, but it encompasses age and time. It is a product of human experience and life. It is a way of securing meaning. Many Faces is a series that explores the idea of person and environment through familiar and unfamiliar portraits and landscapes. ChloƩ Besson is a working artist and photographer, currently based in Denver. ________