• Size: H: 75 cm W: 75 cm D: 100 cm
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Modern
  • Medium: Other

$ 500.00

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About the artist:

Bio: My name is Gennady, I am 32. I was born and raised in Russia, Saint-Petersburg and since I am 17 I do pargeting. From the very beginning it was not just a hobby for me, it was something I did for a living. With time I delved into the area deeper and deeper, studying different materials and their application techniques. I worked with colors, color matching and came up with new ways of covering, sometimes combining the opposites. When I became 30, I realized that I’ve reached a respectively high level in pargeting and that I need something bigger. I wanted to do more complex and highly artistic works, where I can actually use all of my experience earned through the years, open up fully and free all of my artistic potential. That’s how I came to painting pictures. Understanding that due to lack of classical art education I cannot compete with maitres of classical painting, I’ve started studying modern art by myself, which gave me the understanding of our time. To my mind, people today are ready for new genres, styles, forms and philosophy. And thus I’ve started to craft my own style, which I named “Neodeco”. This style is based on simple and clear forms, which appear in new designer understanding of color, through the use of unusual materials. Most of my works are made with decorative materials, which you cannot buy in an art shop - it can be textile (velvet, silk) or metallic paint and materials and complex texture covered with lacquer and thus. For this very reason i do not use brushes, my basic instrument is the spatula. Also in my works I use the contrast of mat and glazed or chrome surfaces on a single canvas. There are no hidden meanings in my paintings: sometimes it is a complete abstraction, sometimes it is a motive with one general object. I do what I love and I do my best for it to be interesting. I believe that for the long years of working with colors and textures I can show the beauty as it has not been seen before. It’s been said that the sky is the limit, but I just want to go farther than the others.