In this work the obvious contrast appears to be the strong tonal difference between the background and Buddha Shakyamuni that appears in the foreground.

The background appears in a messy haze of monochromatic imagery to represent the mundane values in everyday consumer life, perhaps in how modern day life we are constantly bombarded with visual material both online and offline, and always looking for that something new. Perhaps by having the imagery arranged in such a way it also suggests the general business and unsatisfactory nature that this mentality can lead to.

In contrast by having an image of the Buddha in colour in the center this tends to suggest perhaps there are other ways to find fulfillment in day to day life.

  • Size: H: 62 cm W: 47 cm D: 4 cm
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Acrylic

$ 1,300.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Damien Pascoe is a talented artist/designer/thangka painter currently based in Australia. Since 2009 he has primarily studied Tibetan Art under the guidance of the renowned western Thangka Painter Andy Weber. Under Andys teaching Damien learned the traditional style of Karma Gardri which is one of the two main styles of Tibetan art. In 2014 he also studied further at Tsering Art School, a part of Shechen Monastery in Kathmandu Nepal. Here under the guidance of Ms Lacham Tsogyal, Damien learned much about the Karma Menri style of painting a second style of Tibetan Art. 
Damien has also studied Visual Arts, graduating from Queensland University of Technology with a major in video art. Since completing his traditional training of Thangka Painting, Damien now continues to teach, work on Thangka commissions, and contemporary Tibetan art. The main theme of Damien’s work is to try and encapsulate Tibetan Culture with in contemporary artistic works for a modern audience. He also works as the Head of the Art Dept. for Shang Shung Institute, an international non for profit organization who’s aim is the preservation of Tibetan Culture.