sisters (left)

Mixed media: tempera colors and soluble coffee.
The stroke is fluid and fast, the effect is aggressive, direct, when the placid position of the subject transmits power, control. This is one of two complementary pieces: -15% if buy both.

  • Size: H: 122 cm W: 95 cm D: 0.8 cm
  • Subject: Nature
  • Style: Modern
  • Medium: Other

$ 980.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Silvia Elisa Baseggio was born in Turin, April 11, 1979. She graduated in 1998 from the Art School of Turin, and later continued her studies at a private school of graphic design. The strong influence of the Italian classical artists has forged her style. Throughout her studies she has been influenced strongly by classical Italian artists, helping forge her on unique style.Subsequently Silviaely has worked for years in the kitchen of the family's estate, in which continuous experimentation with tastes and consistences she has developed an acute attention to and love for detail, reflected then in her work. Her artistic creative process involves various steps using different techniques and colors, multiple layers overlapping motion effects or shades and nuances that become incredibles tiny details, only visible from very close. Silvia moved to Fuerteventura, the wild Spanish island that overlooks both the Atlantic ocean and the coast of Morocco, in 2016, where various cultures influences have given ger new experiences and enriched her knowledge. Currently, she lives in Fuerteventura (Spain), working on various artistc projects and offereing different sorts of art classes like painting, drawing and other mixed-media classes, collaborating with companyes and international groups. SeeMe member from March 2018 WOTisART magazine publish his works on March 2018 ediction. Last Exhibitions: "ArtBasel1.0" in Zurich in 2017 "ArtBasel1.0" New York in 2018. The works of SilviaEly can also be seen in saatchi art and SeeMe.