paper, acrylic paint, back color, 2018
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  • Size: H: 53.0 cm W: 72.8 cm D: 0 cm
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Acrylic

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About the artist:

Bio: I have been painting to embody what is invisible as well as truly exist. To make this realized, I have developed a new way of painting; engraving the image onto back side of papers, which is my original, and then coloring it from both front and back, which oozes the image from the invisible side. Coloring from the back is the Japanese traditional technique to paint what is related into Shintoism and Buddhism, or spirit, in other words, something beyond our vision. This provides inspiration to my way of painting. At the same time, I aim to grab the nature by encountering two different faces of one thing. who I am living in this present world, always pursue the creation which grasps the accumulation of our predecessors.