The Erection

Year of Production 2016

  • Size: H: 90 cm W: 70 cm D: 3 cm
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Modern
  • Medium: Oil

$ 2,260.00

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About the artist:

Bio: CHRISTIAN HÖLD - artist Christian Höld was born in 1974 and lives in Austria. His strong desire for drawing and painting exists since childhood. In 1994 he graduated from highschool in Waidhofen/Th. With the main emphasis in Art Education and a specific focus on French Impressionism led by Prof.Mag. Franz Part. His early paintings in the 90s are chiefly inspired by this epoch. in 2004 the painter completed a course on "Old masters"-Technique at Volkshochschule Vienna under Prof. Mag. Rene Herar. In the following individual works arise and a personal internalization and specification of this technique takes place. At the same time he worked on the wet on wet technique in oil painting. From 2005 to mid-2008 Höld devotes himself to an intense study of sky illustrations inspired by the famous Dutch landscape master painters of the so called "golden age" of the 17th century. The goal thereby was to create a most naturalistic depiction focused on the use of light and shadow, on the capture of perspectives, plasticity and spatial depth. In 2008 the artist discovers his obsession for Cubism and he varies its possibilities as a new form of expression for himself. The break up of surface, space and figure into geometric forms and the reassembly in a new composition following an own inner logical systematology are getting to a central element for his subsequent work. In this aera he works a lot in the analytic cubistic style. The artist internalizes things seen in the real world and reproduces them in a modified shape by means of his typical style of painting. Images arise of distortion and generate an own visual reality. The work on the painting is a dynamic process dominated once by intuition, the other time more by constructional component. Softness and hardness are in interaction. During this period Höld deals with figures and shapes, which -emerged from the constructional process - define new forms and induce associatively, so unreal they seem to be, a metaphysical connection to the human being. Since 2016 - 2017 Höld creates a Series of Artworks he calls "Metamorphic Cubism". He puts the focus on a painted Transformation Process. He wants the audience to see and experience transformation on the canvas. The analysis of the figure is not primarely important. The transformations of his figures and forms became Priority. 2017 Höld deals with a new topic and develops a series of pictures, he calls "The Search of God". With the continuation of his Style and Technique he gives us the many picturesque Possibilities of the Depiction of God. How is God looking like? Does anybody know? He transforms with imagination Gods figure in an abstract portrayal. There is only God and his Universe. So you see figures of light that are in creation. Everytime Höld thinks of God during painting, he transforms and finds another different solution. He calls this a formally approachto to come nearer to God. This series will employ him for a longer period in the future. Höld is also interested in topics like "Metaphysics", "Physics and Soul", "Time", surrealistic motives like "Fish-Heads", in which he combines a human head with a fish, and many more. He always wants to look behind the surface of things, to go new ways of abstracted depiction. Another series is the "Vanitas - Series": still-lifes with a skull. He varies this subject several times, always different in atmosphere, colour, contrast and construction. It shows us the finiteness of our lifetime. 2018 Höld works more abstracted and also reduced in Shape. He dissolves background in an more intuitive way. He builds up Constructions with black lines and often bars, that look like monuments. The pictures are expressive, dynamic, and have hard contrast. Höld tries to find his inner, and archaic form of expression. These new works mark the development of an individual and independent painting, that is expressive, mysterious and has a lot of tension. Instagram: christianhoeld Facebook: Christian Hoeld, Christian Höld