The Fog

  • Size: H: 60 cm W: 80 cm D: 4 cm
  • Subject: Landscape
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Oil

$ 800.00

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About the artist:

Bio: "The path of life is to be walked in balance and harmony while authentically confronting and acknowledging the chaotic simultaneous existence of shape, creation and destruction - all in one moment. The moment is sometimes very intense, sometimes very simple, and sometimes a whisper of how the brush should be moved across a canvas. We all choose to walk this path differently. We all find different venues through which we attempt to liberate ourselves from the mundane and cog-like wheels that may descend us into a sort of habitual apathy. Through an alchemical process of color, the formless melts into form while experiencing the subtle expression of colors from the perspective of an observer, the human essence of what and who Ovidiu is, who he's been, his dreams - Ovidiu acquires personal liberation. He finds himself in the center of the Tao, he finds himself being a playful child again and most importantly - his eyes are opened wide to the possibilities that shape themselves into being. The path of the artist is his path, and he gently invites you into his space." by Zdravko Stefanović, author of "Honoring the Mystery"