The great eternity

“Den store evigheten”

“The great eternity”
art by MayArt May-Linn Aaslie , 100×70, oil.

  • Size: H: 100 cm W: 70 cm D: 4 cm
  • Subject: Portrait
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Oil

$ 920.00

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About the artist:

Bio: May-Linn was born and raised in South-Norway and has through time always loved art . She began direct study when she was 11 and already then was good to draw.When she turned 15, she moved to Northern Norway where she started on her way in arts field in high school. She educated and worked as a hairdresser for some years. In 2011 she decided to continue on the artistic direction and moved to Notodden to study further. ​MayArt The company is established In Norway by May-Linn Aaslie autumn 2015, she sells own produced graphic work and guidance to companies, she also produces and sells art in medium oil, acvarel , graphics and photo. The art is produced in Northern - Norway with inspiration from the surroundings. Education ​From 2011 to 2014 she took Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at University College in Telemark.She has education in visual arts, art and design, product design, graphic design, business, graphics, sculpture, painting, art lab, drawing and color, film and video, science, investigative practices and bachelor. In 2014 she took adjunct education disciplines in pedagogy and didactics where she had final research and development task focusing on "blind contour and continuous assessment as a method in teaching". The inspiration in art is taken from longing to Northern Norway and how politics can change fishing policy and agriculture as a consequence with depopulation. The abandoned feeling she has recreated and expressed in media graphics, photography and painting in her bachelor thesis. Latest art is inspired by Northern Norwegian architecture and landscape.