The Guards

This piece is about putting walls up in order to protect yourself based on your past experiences.

  • Size: H: 40 inch W: 30 inch D: 0.78 inch
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Acrylic

$ 450.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Pandora Owl was born and raised outside of Toronto, Ontario. She worked in the advertising industry for almost 7 years until in 2018 decided to make a leap into following her art passion. Her art focuses on mental health & illness in order to help comfort those who suffer from it as well as exposing it to those who don’t. She leverages mixed media in order to tell her stories, often referencing her youth by incorporating items such as comics or toys; a style she developed in her art class back in high school. Her textured mixed media art has many layers that can be seen and felt but most importantly ignite and continue the conversation of mental health as it’s increasingly making its way to the forefront.