The hiding place

Action Painting, Experiment with acrylic and alcohol

  • Size: H: 50 cm W: 50 cm D: 1 cm
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Acrylic

$ 840.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Michael Lange was born in 1965 in Prenzlau (Germany). Already as a youngster he discovers the painting and own creativity. The professional way seems to be marked. However, Michael Langes expressiveness and peculiarity cause that he strikes as an "Enfant Terrible of the east" and is gazed by the state security increasingly critically. His art does not fit thus at all in the socialist regime and for the eccentric youngster a study ban is covered. A hard blow for the young artist. However, he can and wants to sell his holiest, his painting, not to the regime! And thus follows a quiet revolt of the silence: he puts aside the paintbrush. Also after the turn the broken dream is a large part of his life. After illness, depression and several strokes of fate it creates Michael Lange only years later to catch all his experiences in pictures. A heavy crisis brings, in the end, the trigger and helps him to a creative new beginning. The opposition of the outside world conquered, he is reflected pain and fury of the soul. It seems as if to itself now explosively wants to unload what was for years a road-closed. A freeing from opposition, healing and individuality are Michael Langes big subjects. He knows the heights and depths of the life as never before and, finally, has come where it is a home: in the abstract painting!