The starry night

‘fantasy’. it was the yearning for the night sky when I was young.
I was inspired by René Magritte’s ‘The Universe Unmasked’ and Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’.
I redecorated my longing for childhood and ‘2D’ pictorial elements into my own ‘3D’ sculpture. The new work symbolized the image of the twinkling star in the endless sky as a symbol of hope and dreams. The theory of space, nature, and surrealism is the background of the existential interpretation of myself.
I sculpt impromptu drawings of nature to sculptures. Therefore, I do not produce the same work. I carve the stars, moon, and clouds that are visible but untouchable. Like, “A sculpture is like a poem”, I express the night sky with a single natural object. I hope the public sees the beautiful nature in a different sight. Also, I want people to feel the nature and think about how precious each individual and the nature.

  • Size: H: 36 cm W: 25 cm D: 23 cm
  • Subject: Nature
  • Style: Other
  • Medium: Other

$ 1,322.98

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About the artist:

Bio: University of seoul (Gradueate school master course) 1solo exhibition 2017 'Fantasy' (seojinartspace, Seoul) 2017 'Fantasy' (Artspace pop, Seoul) Group exhibition 2017 Artmora gallery Opencall exhihition (Artmora gallery, New jersey) 2017 Asyaaf (DDP, Seoul) Outside of that .. The number of exhibition 14