Upside Down II

Part of the “Upside Down” series showing a nature picture being turned around

  • Size: H: 106 cm W: 160 cm D: 2 cm
  • Subject: Landscape
  • Style: Abstract
  • Medium: Digital

$ 4,250.00

About the artist:

Bio: Jochen Cerny, born in Düsseldorf/Germany, inherited his artistic skills from both his grandmother, a passionate amateur photographer with a sense of extraordinary details in b/w art, and his father who worked as a marketing consultant together with top industry photographers such as Charles Wilp and others. Following his academic studies, he took his first attempts to become a photographer, but opted for a career as an international banker instead. It was only lately that he re-discovered his passion for photographic art. Following a catalyst re-union with the world’s top photographer Andreas Gursky, a long-time friend from his childhood days, he was confirmed of his talent and encouraged to professionalize his photographic works. Today Jochen’s style is characterized by the self-developed and perfected CMPB-technique which combines various individual post-production techniques to a unique art form in photography by partially manipulating the colors of the underlying item without alienating the object itself. His pictures do not intend to tell a “story” in the classical sense for the spectator but rather than bringing more life into a room by looking at the combination of various lively colors. Over the last years, his art work already gained specific traction by being awarded in a number of high-profile photographic challenges like the Trierenberg Circuit, Monochrome Awards, Viewbug only to name a few. In addition, multiple exhibitions have been launched in Germany, London and Hong Kong where his work was strongly received by international art collectors and photo enthusiasts.