Variation on Michelangelo’s Delphic Sybil

  • Size: H: 24 cm W: 20 cm D: 1.5 cm
  • Subject: Portrait
  • Style: Graffiti
  • Medium: Acrylic

$ 399.00

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About the artist:

Bio: To create great Pop Art, you have to present something that has been seen before in a new way. It is this fundamental realization that has led my artwork to evolve from 19th century style Post Impressionism into 21st century individual expression. I am influenced by both Pop Artists and traditional Fine Artists. My Original Brand focuses on merging two disparate types of art... creating Pop Art with a Fine Art sensibility.. In addition to this, I am committed to exploring all aspects of Pop Art. To be both the Beethoven and Mozart of Pop Art. Mozart is known for writing some of the most beautiful Classical music of his time. But he usually did it within the norms of Classical music. He didn't change music, he just composed it better than anyone else. Beethoven, on the other hand, changed music. Music after Mozart went on as it did before... after Beethoven, Classical music was a much broader field to play on. Without Beethoven, we would have no Mahler or Stravinsky. So when it comes to Pop Art, I will try to be both Mozart and Beethoven. To create art that redefines what Pop art can be under my Original Brand, and also to explore traditional Pop Art styles under my subsequent brands. And by succeeding in being both the Mozart and Beethoven of Pop Art, I will be able to say: "I Am Pop Art."