We all hope for the same

This work can be easily explained by its title, We all hope for the same ‘thing’. The work shows traditional mosaic art that can be found within Muslim continents, Mahatma G (or Gandhi G) makes an appearance at the bottom of the work, shrouded in flowers with a cow adorned in love hearts next to him. In Hindu religion the cow is held in a very high esteem, as it helps people with many sources of food (dairy products), and cows are considered to be more like a pet in the Indian, Nepali regions.

To the top where Samuel L Jackson resides, with angry birds, Iphone lipstick etc, this is meant to be symbolic of western religion being consumerism. In the center Buddha Shakyamuni Resides. In summary the painting is saying that, despite of where we come from, or what we do, we all hope for the same happiness in life, the same inner peace.

  • Size: H: 62 cm W: 47 cm D: 4 cm
  • Subject: Portrait
  • Style: Pop Art
  • Medium: Acrylic

$ 1,300.00

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About the artist:

Bio: Damien Pascoe is a talented artist/designer/thangka painter currently based in Australia. Since 2009 he has primarily studied Tibetan Art under the guidance of the renowned western Thangka Painter Andy Weber. Under Andys teaching Damien learned the traditional style of Karma Gardri which is one of the two main styles of Tibetan art. In 2014 he also studied further at Tsering Art School, a part of Shechen Monastery in Kathmandu Nepal. Here under the guidance of Ms Lacham Tsogyal, Damien learned much about the Karma Menri style of painting a second style of Tibetan Art. 
Damien has also studied Visual Arts, graduating from Queensland University of Technology with a major in video art. Since completing his traditional training of Thangka Painting, Damien now continues to teach, work on Thangka commissions, and contemporary Tibetan art. The main theme of Damien’s work is to try and encapsulate Tibetan Culture with in contemporary artistic works for a modern audience. He also works as the Head of the Art Dept. for Shang Shung Institute, an international non for profit organization who’s aim is the preservation of Tibetan Culture.