“You know you want me”

Resin, monochromatic paint, oil paint, spray paint and texture

  • Size: H: 24 inch W: 24 inch D: 1 inch
  • Subject: Other
  • Style: Fine Art
  • Medium: Other

$ 1,200.00

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About the artist:

Bio: I am a classically trained oil painter with a little over two decades of experience. I have exhibited extensively internationally and in New York City. My current work is part of the “fluid art” movement, where I specialize in resin painting. My paintings are abstractions that explore the intersection between chaos and order, consciousness and sub-conscious, organic and inorganic and intentional and accident. From a technical perspective, I use brushes, straws, droppers and other instruments to apply the epoxy resin, powdered pigments, inks and less traditional chemicals to the cradled birch or encaustic boards. The techniques produce a variety of repetitive effects such as layering, swirling, lacing, striation and the formation of cell-like aggregations. Many aspects of the final work are intentional while others are intentionally less controlled. While the paintings are non-referential in the absence of formal subject, they intend to convey emotion and trigger a meditative state analogous to the creative state that produces them, and a reflection on the conflicts and polarities embedded in the creative process and the human experience. My art is an extension of myself, hands off detachment and experimentation as well as a scientific exploration.