Per Bentley


About the artist
Bio: Painting is for me like experimenting. I paint with very strong, intense colors from nature and depict the reality that I perceive. My motives are often chosen from nature, as there are so many impressions that must be painted and experienced. I often paint with a lot of oil paint to create shifts and shades in my paintings, which gives a great glow to the painting. I think it is important for harmony in the painting where all colors highlight the subject and in some cases "shine" the reality. I experience freedom, independence, and the colors of life that give me a wonderful sense of well-being. Recently, I have also begun working with digital technology and collage. I've sold a lot of paintings often to order, but also had separate exhibitions. Was published in the International Art Magazine 1340 ART MAGAZINE 2017 // Q3. Website: INSTAGRAM: @perbentley
Education: Autodidact.


Red Flowers, 2018

H: 46 cm W: 38 cm D: 0,3 cm

$ 484

Wildflowers, 2017

H: 50 cm W: 50 cm D: 3 cm

$ 601

Wildflowers, 2016

H: 46 cm W: 38 cm D: 0,2 cm

$ 356

Wildflowers, 2017, Sold.

H: 50 cm W: 40 cm D: 4 cm

$ 600

Summer Flowers, 2017, Sold.

H: 80 cm W: 80 cm D: 2 cm

$ 711