Eric Schrade


About the artist
Bio: Born 1965 in Pennsylvania, USA. Education in Germany. Living in Frankfurt/Main Germany. Love to paint with oil and acrylic on paper and canvas. Working on Soapstone and Sandstone sculptures.
Education: FKAF Freie Kunstakademie Frankfurt
Exibitions: 2003 Change Gallery 2006 Ansichtssachen I, Heyne Fabrik Offenbach 2013 Artwalk- Frankfurt 2013 Anssichtssachen II, Frankfurt 2014 Zwei Seiten Kunst, Theatre Die Schmiere Frankfurt 2014 Ruby Tuesday Painters, Frankfurt 2015 Kunst am Main, Frankfurt 2016 Group Show- FKAF at Gallus Theater Frankfurt 2017 Kunst am Main, Frankfurt


Jackson II

H: 50 cm W: 40 cm D: 40 cm

$ 650