Preston M. Smith (PMS)


About the artist
Bio: Artist Preston M. Smith (PMS) found himself cross-eyed and with no depth perception as a child. This was the "lens" through which he developed his unique visual perspective of the world, which he now shares as a painter with his highly textured and vibrantly colorful works. Graduating from Gonzaga University with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art/Theater Arts, Preston then moved to Los Angeles where he has since worked for 15 years as a fine artist. Preston’s work can best be categorized as having a mixture of both abstract and figurative styles, many times within the same piece. His mantra for his vibrant Abstract work is "color, texture, and beauty" and they are highly textured and tactile, almost "edible". His colors are bold and his figures tend to be moody, with eyes being a major focal point. His work and life have been an expression of moving from darkness into light. Preston’s work has been showcased alongside David Lynch and at the Inaugural Purple Ball for President Obama’s Inauguration in 2009, where he was commissioned to paint 12 portraits of the President. His work was recently part of Laluzapalooza and two times at the Coaster Show at the world famous La Luz De Jesus Gallery and he also completed and auctioned off a live painting for a celebrity fundraiser for the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation late last year. Preston's artwork and mindset was also recently the subject of a documentary short directed by Tony Lugo entitled "Negativity To Creativity" and his artwork and designs have been featured in Offbeat Bride twice this year. His work is in private collections around the world as well in the homes of celebrities such as Ed Harris, Ashley Judd, Josh Lucas, and so forth.


"Painter's Lullaby"

H: 34.5 inch W: 40.5 inch D: 1 inch

$ 1895.00


H: 24 inch W: 30 inch D: 1 inch

$ 900

"Slice And Dice"

H: 30 inch W: 30 inch D: 1 inch

$ 950