Karin Amtmann


About the artist
Bio: Karin Amtmann was born in Burgenland/Austria in 1971 and spent her childhood and following years in Vienna. For some years now, she has been living in the country again, in a small cottage on the edge of the forest where she can live her love for nature and painting. Karin is a self-taught artist. She has already discovered her artistic side in her childhood. She began with pencil drawings, ink and watercolors. Later, she made web design and digital image processing including vector. Since the last years, the painter has devoted exclusively to acrylic and mixed media. Her works are contemporary, rather gloomy - with a message that comes to her during painting. She simply paints - without thinking much about how things could be. The artist would like to convey this with her paintings. Therefore her paintings are so unique. Karin Amtmann attaches great importance to the fact that the viewer can recognize something in her works. Once it is easier to recognize another time you have to go inside the painting. Through her pictures, she would like to give the interested viewer the opportunity to pause a short, beautiful moment and to invite them to continue. She believes that in today's fast-paced, stressful and unfortunately often superficial world, every moment you can enjoy and pause is all the more precious.


The beginning of the end

H: 58 cm W: 75 cm D: 1,8 cm

$ 2500


H: 40 cm W: 40 cm D: 1,8 cm

$ 1350

Carpe Diem

H: 70 cm W: 50 cm D: 1,8 cm

$ 1350