Matthew Thorley


About the artist
Bio: Matthew Thorley is a multi-disciplinary artist investigating positive and negative space in the built environment. Focusing on detail while utilising automated precision. Inspired by contemporary architecture's reduction of elements and an emphasis on form, Thorley extrapolates selective aspects concerned with the study of light interacting with reflective surfaces. Striving for a contemporary evaluation of constructed space to develop other realms of appreciation and understanding through the use of these highly finished objects. This process of selection becomes activated through the experience of engaging extended time with a specific constructed space allowing various angles of inquiry to develop abstracted representations. Thorley’s work challenges the viewer to apply a softened focus and respond to a moment of contemplation. His practice asks the viewer to consider the work as a static object that aspires to the act of movement, whilst simultaneously affording the viewer an appreciation of their own personal consciousness within a given space.
Exibitions: Selected Exhibitions 2017 Brisbane Art Prize Exhibition, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, QLD (Group) 2016 CIAA (Community Invitational Art Award) Joondalup, WA (Group) 2016 PCWK8: Nyisztor Studio Gallery, Melville, WA (Group) 2016 40th Anniversary City of Melville Art Awards: Melville, WA (Group) 2015 Brisbane Art Prize: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD (Group) 2015 AOHF (Artist Open House Fremantle): Fremantle, WA (Group) 2015 Life Art Worldwide Expo: Light Space, Brisbane CBD. QLD (Group) 2014 Coping Mechanism: Hilton Squash, Hilton, WA (Solo Performance) 2013 Aesthetic Autopilot: Melody Smith Gallery, Carlisle, WA (Solo) 2013 Curtin Art Degree Show: Curtin University, Bentley, WA (Group) 2013 FloorPlan 202: Kurb Gallery, Northbridge, WA (Curator) 2012 SOUP Collaborative: MRA William St, Northbridge, WA (Curator) Employment 2015 current 2015 2016 2014 2015 2011 2014 2009 2012 2010 2011 2009 2010 2009 2010 Artist: Agency 296 Installation Technician: Fremantle Arts Centre Installation Technician / Art Handler: International Art Services Artist Assistant / Framer: Richard Smyth Photography Artist Assistant / technician: Joshua Webb (Artist) Volunteer: Awesome Arts Artist Assistant / Framer: Paul Parin Photography Exhibition Installation Assistant: Paul Caporn (Artist) Awards 2017 Finalist: Brisbane Art Prize 2016 Overall Runner-Up: Joondalup Community Invitational Art Award 2016 First Prize (Acquisitive / Open Category): City of Melville Art Awards 2015 Finalist: Brisbane Art Prize 2012 Vice Chancellors List: Curtin University 2012 Head of Schools Commendation: Curtin University 2010 Head of Schools Commendation: Curtin University Collections 2016 City of Melville Collection