Silvia Knoll


About the artist
Bio: I´m a self taught abstract painter, born and raised in Graz (Austria). My passion for art has become more then I´ve ever expected and today my creative pursuits includes working in front of an canvas. The art I pursues for my own expression and joy is something I want to share . I want to give the viewers a choice to feel with their eyes and to make their own opinion about what they want to see. The only constancy in life seems to be change. Every Moment is the expression of a reshaping. At the same time the point of change is the point of link. The natural process of life. My expression in intuitive process painting is a reflection of this natural life processes and to engage with the materials I use. For this I mainly work with natural materials like pigments, marbleflour, oils, ink, shellac. When I start a painting, there is just an idea. A feeling to give space for something new. With respect I confront myself with the complete involvement into the process, without any expectation that something specific has to happen. I am moved by the colors, textures and patterns that appear in the details – like nature itself. When I am involved into that space the mobility is only limited controllable and changeable – like life itself.


face in the rock

H: 100 cm W: 80 cm D: 7,5 cm

$ 800


H: 100 cm W: 80 cm D: 3 cm

$ 1100


H: 100 cm W: 80 cm D: 3 cm

$ 880