Claudia Caseri


About the artist
Bio: I have been drawing and painting since early childhood, creating my first ink and charcoal drawings. As a teenager I took pause from art to work as a dance teacher for children, and also worked in various other professions. I love to travel, particularly to Oceania. The impressions I have collected over my travels brought back art into my life. My favourite subjects are horses, but I also love to create intricate patterns and shapes which morph into intriguing images, often revealing themselves only on second glance.
Education: Art classes in Zurich, Switzerland


Organic #4

H: 40 cm W: 30 cm D: 2 cm

$ 190

The Way Home

H: 40 cm W: 30 cm D: 2 cm

$ 220

Glimpse of the Future

H: 70 cm W: 60 cm D: 2 cm

$ 430