Jeannette Sakowski


About the artist
Bio:   Jeannette was born in Jena ,1977, where she spent her childhood and youth.
During a trip to Spain in 1996 , she discovered black and white photography. She initially focused on portraits. In 1997 she won the biggest prize in the , midgerman childrens- and -teencompetition “Zeitzeichen” , with a series called “Frauenportraits”.   Since moving from Bonn to Stralsund she improved her photography skills further and started focusing on analogue photography .
She experiments with different types of techniques, like analogous multiple exposure,colouring black and white pictures by hand, reworking pictures with tea or toners and blue printing. Last year Jeannette started studying at a well known distance university for photography and finished it with best marks.
Education:     2017 Included in the Gallery "Pack of Patches" by Grit Höhn,Jena,G   2015 Starts a distance study with ILS about“Photography“with Olympia Sprenger  Starts to teach in an adult education centre “soap making“        2014 The Art Tank Space selected artists for online gallery,Norwich,UK Photography   Working at the pottery wheel   2011 Moved to Stralsund    Re-entry into photography Starts soap making        2004 Moved to Bonn Painting with acryl and pastel on canvas:construction of an own method        1998 Moved to Potsdam Linol printing        1997 First prize in the Central German Youth and Children`s competition”Signs of the  Times”   1996   Moved to Weimar  Painting with oil on canvas Discoveres  black-and-white photographs    1994-1996 Education as a florist Painting on silk                     
Exibitions: Exhibitions:    2017 Double Exhibition 28.4.-30.6.2017 "...die Wurzeln in Jena" Jeannette & Heiner Studt , Galerie Pack of Patches Grit Höhn,Jena,G Solo Exhibition   1. Analouge exhibiton "Zeitreise"-Analoge Fotografie im 21.Jahrhundert,Stadtmuseum Bergen, Bergen auf Rügen ,G     2016 Solo exhibition   "Tee und Cutter" Experimentelle Photography teaching soap making in an adult education centre , Bergen/Rügen,G Solo exhibition   "Tempolandschaften" , Cafe Immergrün, Jena, Solo exhibition   “Tempolandschaften", PrimaDonna,Potsdam,G   2015  Group exhibition "Convergence 2" with The Art Tank Space,Stew Gallery,Norwich UK   Solo exhibition: "Nah am Wasser gebaut-Leben im und am Wasser" Congress Hotel Potsdam Gallerie im Zeppelin,Potsdam ,G 2014 Solo exhibition   "Eindringlich",  Stralsund, G     Group exhibition: "Convergence", Stew Gallery,Norwich,UK    


Red Forest

H: 18 cm W: 24 cm D: 0.01 cm

$ 180

To aim high

H: 24 cm W: 18 cm D: 0.01 cm

$ 180