Natalya Borovkova


About the artist
Bio: I am a self-taught artist and I practice in the mozaic figurative and abstraction. I am in a constant search for new art styles and ideas. Now I am living in the Netherlands. Right here, in Netherlands, I started doing art. I am not going to stop on the things I achieved, I plan on developing and eventually mastering my art skills. One of my biggest dreams is to approve the women's role in our modern world.


"Eternal moment"

H: 24 cm W: 18 cm D: 2 cm

$ 650

"Billiards girl"

H: 60 cm W: 90 cm D: 2 cm

$ 1500

"Tarot. Success."

H: 90 cm W: 90 cm D: 2 cm

$ 1850

"Pretty woman"

H: 90 cm W: 90 cm D: 2 cm

$ 1850