Marianna Ryhanen


About the artist
Bio: Artist's Statement My art is an expression of my imagination, surrealism and scifi. I create worlds and express my feelings through my art. Things that I see turn into something else on the canvas. I also like to make editorialised artwork, mostly about animal liberation and environmental issues, and human rights. I express these things through watercolour, acrylic paint, markers, graphic arts and installations. I make card decks to help people discover themselves and heal within. I combine art with things like journaling, vlogging, design and branding. Basic Information: I was born in a small town in Finland called Hyvinkää to a seemingly normal family – mom, dad and my little brother.I spent my childhood investigating nature and reading books, drawing and playing and creating stories in my little yet hugely curious mind. I had fascination in myths, horror tales and other paranormal and weird things.I was assigned female at birth but never felt like a girl. I didn't feel like a boy either. I had a boy best friend all through primary school and was irritated of people asking if we were dating. I also knew I had attraction to other genders than my own but did not express them until my 20s because of homophobic environment. I got diagnosed with depressive disorder at 14 years old and was admitted to hospital treatment. This was at the peak of my experience with getting bullied. I didn't feel ”at home” in this town so I went to Alppila for senior high school and moved on my own at 17 years old, in Vantaa. Through my adolescence I had various mental health challenges besides depression and although it got better for a couple of years, it returned once I started art school in 2014. I got hospital level of illness twice and still have many days when I find it hard to beat this illness. I went vegetarian in 2013 and eventually vegan in summer 2014 and stand by it, hoping for it to reach wider audiences and I work to decrease my carbon footprint and give more to those in need. I advocate all human and non-human animal rights as I care deeply of all lives. I was raised Christian and believed in God as a child. This belief stayed with me for a long time, even after I decided I didn't want to be recognized as a Christian anymore and became a pagan. I went to a confirmation camp, became one their tutors later and then realized I didn't want to convert people. I saw the hypocrisy in the religious system and left. Paganism led me into witchcraft around 2016 and after that I've had several spiritual awakenings. These days I realize that we are all one and wish to spread this message through my art as well. I identify as pansexual and gender fluid – mainly between agender and feminine.
Education: Alppila Senior High School A-levels 2010-2013, Helsinki, Finland Pekka Halonen Academy Vocational School, visual artisan, visual and media Arts. 2014-2016 Keuda Tuusula, Finland.
Events: TILA exhibition 2015, education related art project. Artwork: "Redrum" Installation Metamorfoosi exhibition 2016, degree work, Kaapelitehdas Helsinki. Artwork: Inspiring Alien Tarot Deck, The Empress, 3 of Pods (sold here!), 10 of planets, 3 of stars.