Omar Porras

About the artist
Bio: Born in 1955 in Alajuela, Costa Rica. His passion for drawing and painting was evident since his early childhood. At the age of 15 his family moved to San José, Costa Rica’s capital where he continued his studies and only two years later Omar initiates his incipient career as artist. At the age of 19 Omar travels through Central America, Mexico and Colombia where he is influenced by various Latin American artists and produces his first paintings in what is considered the early stages of his career. In 1980 he initiates a 5 years journey through Unites States in an experience that would shape his career in the years to come. Omar devotes himself to expanding his knowledge of art, architecture and philosophy through self-education, reading and investigation. He develops a deep fascination for the Hudson River School art movement. This is known as the beginning of this first stage in his professional career characterized by idealistic and melancholic landscapes influenced by the Romanticism depicted in the artwork of those who provided inspiration to the young artist, including Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church. At the age of 30, Omar returns to Costa Rica to establish his studio. The artist would eventually evolve his artwork by introducing more realism and at times hyperrealism in his landscapes, establishing a very delicate balance of magnificent landscapes decorated by breathtaking details. This constitutes his second artistic stage which he has continued to mature until today. In 1994 he received an award from the Centro Cultural Degli Artisti, Roma, Italy. In 2018 artist won “Best in Show” by the ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline and a Honor recognition from LighSpaceTime Gallery at their annual Landscape Exhibition. He has participated in individual and collective expositions in Monaco, Italy, USA and Costa Rica.


"Catarata Escondida" (Hidden Waterfall"

H: 60 inch W: 37 inch D: 2 inch

$ 27000


H: 46 inch W: 62 inch D: 2 inch

$ 38000