Manuel Herrera


About the artist
Bio: Herrera (Arica, 1987) is an artist who lives and works in Chile. He studied at the School of Armored Cavalry of the Army of Chile, performing within the Institution in various areas, including photography and design. His art is a mixture of different movements, inviting on different occasions, through the subconscious. With a strong approach to Comics, some of his works are a sample of classic, minimalist and sequential art within the Comics. He is currently working on a personal project that includes a Graphic Novel and a series of illustrations.


The Girl with Smoke

H: 60.96 cm W: 45,72 cm D: 300 cm

$ 1000

Baby Inside in the Neon Lights

H: 33.55 cm W: 24.66 cm D: 300 cm

$ 800

Cruella de Vil

H: 43.18 cm W: 30.62 cm D: 300 cm

$ 500

Street City

H: 60.96 cm W: 45.72 cm D: 300 cm

$ 600