Moylin Ho Knit Chong

About the artist
Bio: UK Based artist working in illustration, sculpture and painting. Mostly looking at creating folklore inspired pieces merging between the uncanny and reality. Number of exhibitions shown throughout the UK and Japan. Won the re:artiste show your world competition 2018 in New York City. Currently back in the UK working on some illustrative projects since being a guest lecturer at Tokyo Zokei university, Tokyo for a few months.


Take a seat

H: 100 cm W: 60 cm D: 60 cm

$ 60

Experiment A

H: 29 cm W: 42 cm D: 42 cm

$ 200

Three ways

H: 42 cm W: 29 cm D: 29 cm

$ 100

"The Little Prince"

H: 100 cm W: 55 cm D: 55 cm

$ 760

"Love and Money"

H: 42 cm W: 29.7 cm D: 29.7 cm

$ 380

"Leda and the swan"

H: 42 cm W: 29.7 cm D: 29.7 cm

$ 380