Aaron Lehr

About the artist
Bio: Aaron Lehr was born in Sonoma County, where he was inspired by the rich and diverse landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. Although he started with pencil and paper at a young age, his interest in the wood grain on his favorite guitars lead him to his first professional artistic medium, woodworking. In 2007 Aaron relocated to Austin, TX. Over the next 8 years, through many incredible and challenging experiences, including losing his oldest brother whom he loved dearly, he honed his voice as an artist. He forayed into sculpture, he experimented with painting, and eventually discovered silver and gold smithing. Through the development of these independent skills, he was prepared for the mixed media of his current body of work. Aaron uses a combination patinated and etched copper, sterling silver, and brass. These metal adornments are applied to a canvass of repurposed plywood. He reveals beautiful natural woodgrain underneath swaths of acrylic paint to create one of a kind works that he hopes will touch each individual in a deep and personal way.



H: 19.5 inch W: 19.5 inch D: .5 inch

$ 1200


H: 15 inch W: 31.5 inch D: .75 inch

$ 3500

"The Divide"

H: 23.5 inch W: 48 inch D: .75 inch

$ 6500