Hannan Tahan

About the artist
Bio: I am a self taught artist emerging in this very exciting, ever evolving, art world. My passion of ‘mother nature’ together with my love of colours, have inspired me to be the artist I am today. Being a keen photographer, capturing the beauty of landscapes, seascapes, trees and flowers and portraying them into a vision of art that is unique to me, using an array of mixed mediums, including resin, acrylic paint, inks, glitters and pigments, allows me to express the beauty and free elements that make the earth an interesting subject matter. I use different mediums to form an abstract representation of nature with 3D elements. I build multiple layers with resin to create depth. I especially like working with resin because of its high gloss and the almost glass like finish. Due to the techniques used, every piece of art is truly original and unique in appearance; one off pieces.



H: 32 inch W: 16.5 inch D: 2 inch

$ 800

Burning Sun

H: 16.5 inch W: 32 inch D: 2 inch

$ 800

The Jewelled Tree

H: 800 cm W: 800 cm D: 2 cm

$ 800