For Q1 2019, 1340Foundation has chosen to feature International Child Art Foundation based in Washington DC. 

Proceeds from our Q4 1340Art Magazine competition will be going toward this incredible cause.



Why the ICAF?

Creativity and empathy are key attributes of successful learners and leaders. Creativity fuels discovery, originality and invention while empathy brings mutuality, compromise and collaborative innovation. The development of creativity and empathy is thus a precondition for sustainable growth, shared prosperity and a peaceful future.

The ICAF brings about positive change through its national and global programs, traveling exhibitions, conferences and events, and the World Children’s Festival (WCF).

 Founded in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, ICAF’s mission is to democratize creativity and develop empathy universally as building blocks for global prosperity and world peace. Since creativity and empathy are both rooted in the arts, ICAF serves American children as their national arts organization and the world’s children as their global arts organization. ICAF’s Arts Olympiad has grown into the world’s largest schoolchildren’s creative development program and its World Children’s Festival—the “Olympics” of children’s imagination—develops empathy among the world’s children.


Read more about their organization and what they do here.


Q1 2019 Target donation: $2000 (read more here)

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