For Q4 2019, 1340Foundation has chosen to feature a non-profit organization deserving of additional support in Africa.

MADaboutART was founded in 2001 to fight HIV using art and education. Pioneered in South Africa, its award-winning curriculum for children and youth uses art as the platform to ignite imagination, have fun and achieve social change.

Many young people living in poverty around the world experience anger and low self-esteem; becoming trapped in a spiral of vulnerability that destroys hope. The burden of HIV potentiates emotional trauma and isolation. MADaboutART’s programme combines validated narrative therapy and psycho-social techniques to change lives by inspiring positive life choices and celebrating diversity. Independent evaluation showed a significant positive impact on well-being.

We are therefore extremely proud to be featuring this inspiring organization for this quarter. Proceeds from our Q4 1340Art Magazine competition will be going toward this incredible cause. Read more about their organization and what they do here.


Proceeds from our Q3 2019 magazine competition were sent to MADaboutART. Here’s what they had to say:

“Greetings Lisa, we received 1340’s generous donation today. On behalf of the children and Trustees of MADaboutART thank you most sincerely. The donation will be used to provide art and creative materials for the children will make a difference to so many lives. Art is the heart of MAD. To be able to express inner thoughts and feelings in a safe environment is rare in the life of a child growing up in poverty. Your gift will provide crayons and paints for children to enjoy freedom of expression in a playful environment. Creative expression feeds children’s minds; encouraging teamwork and inspiring children to make real positive changes for themselves and their communities. Their art has purpose as well as beauty. Thank you for helping us continue this work.”


Q4 Target donation: $2000 (read more here)



Larry Gurney created MADaboutART in June 2001. Larry is MADaboutART’s chief executive and an experienced healthcare training professional, peer educator and former Health Promotion Officer for people living with HIV & AIDS at the Terrence Higgins Trust in London. Living with HIV himself, a passion to Make a Difference for children affected and orphaned by AIDS across the world inspired Larry to create MADaboutART to help fight stigma and provide innovative HIV and AIDS education and prevention initiatives.

MADaboutART’s programme provides a unique mix of interactive learning and narrative therapy designed to increase children’s knowledge of HIV and AIDS and reduce risk-taking by increasing self-esteem and self-advocacy. Their model of ‘experiential’ learning encourages participation and provides a ‘learning by doing’ environment which supports children to learn, grow stronger and make positive choices for their future.

Independent evaluation showed MADaboutART’s programme has a significant positive impact on children’s emotional and social well-being.

In the UK – MADaboutART is a registered charity (reg. no. 1093147). Company reg. no 4257716.
Registered office 14 Oxford Road, London NW6 5SL. Registered in England. A company limited by guarantee.

In South Africa – MADaboutART is a registered non-profit Trust (Inter vivo Trust no. 14178/06, 115-997 NPO)

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